Phrase avec le mot youth | Mot youth dans une phrase

1- Stir up the Athenian youth to merriments;

2- Hath rotted ere his youth attain’d a beard;

3- Anon comes Pyramus, sweet youth and tall,

4- Then all the forces of youth burst out.

5- It is that love and youth matter intellectually.

6- In his youth he had been a great dancer and boxer.

7- When he climbed to the second storey he paused at Elwood’s door but saw that the other youth was out.

8- He had simply taken advantage of Polly’s youth and inexperience: that was evident.

9- Meanwhile youth and health and passion and promise.

10- In her youth she had once swallowed a hook, and still swam patiently about with it in her gullet.

11- In youth one must mingle one’s own personality with life, that they may become one.

12- « Old Gorm’s mind was touched in his youth by a sword cut on the head.

13- He was a common trader, from his youth up employed in these parts—nothing more.

14- ’ The glamour of youth enveloped his parti–coloured rags, his destitution, his loneliness, the essential desolation of his futile wanderings.

15- She was still handsome and bore every sign of having in her youth been a very lovely woman.

16- She saluted this youth and sat beside him.

17- For if Crimthann had been beautiful, this youth was ten times more beautiful.

18- She was so young—Jacob had never been so conscious of youth before.

19- Urashima, who had been till that moment like a strong and handsome youth of twenty-four, suddenly became very, very old.

20- A spark of hope, a spark of long-forgotten youth glowed in her eyes; before she slid into unconsciousness.

21- True, true! said the curly-headed youth in a low tone.

22- He and the red-haired youth called Samoylov were the first to begin all disputes.

23- There were some five hundred gay youth and bustling women with children darting around the groups like butterflies.

24- Then, holding his hand, she silently and quickly conducted the wounded youth through the field.

25- Well, I can see right off that youth and beauty is a family characteristic.

26- It wasn’t that much different, or worse, from the experiences in his youth when his face was covered with acne.

27- But we were young, you know, and youth hopeth all things, believeth all things.

28- The unfortunate youth is believed to have been insane.

29- It was fun—he felt his youth again.

30- Where is your cousin Gideon, the maniac youth who abode with you?

31- In her big hat she looked curiously young, but with the youth of a bygone generation.

32- The youth was teased in this manner for some time.

33- Then Shôzayémon, seeing that the matter was serious, called the youth to him, and said—

34-  » The youth looked somewhat amazed, bowed low, mused for a moment, and began: « My name is Roswell.

35-  » The youth looked somewhat amazed, bowed low, mused for a moment, and began: « My name is Roswell.

36- The youth said, eagerly:

37- He went out into the world and sought out the pleasures that youth delights in.

38- ” But the sexton remained motionless, so that the youth might think that it was a ghost.

39- ” The youth heard this, got up, and said: “It’s not come to that yet.

40- The youth seized the axe, cleft the anvil open, and jammed in the old man’s beard.

41- The youth drew out the axe and let him go.

42- ” At that moment twelve struck, and the spirit vanished, leaving the youth alone in the dark.

43- John’s night, and when the youth heard it he was terrified, and went off, running as if for a wager.

44- The Shaker youth and maiden looked mournfully into each other’s eyes.

45- As she was serving it the door opened and a youth entered the room.

46- The youth looked at us with a very penetrating and, as it seemed to me, unfriendly gaze.

47- The collier youth tipped the baby under the chin, singing:

48- The youth began to sing again.

49- My peaceful youth has been seen to pass away calmly and agreeably without any great disappointments or remarkable prosperity.

50- Yes, aunt, said a youth standing beside her.

51- The youth took the letter and read it through.

52- That is the youth you must kill.

53- So next morning at sunrise the youth set forth, and in a few days he reached the Sultan’s palace.

54- But here the youth broke in rudely:

55- These pence the youth hoarded carefully till he had collected enough to buy a beautiful pair of pipes.

56- The youth thanked the magician, and fastening his treasures about him mounted the horse and rode off.

57- Indeed, he wanted directly to buy it, and told the youth he would give any price he liked.

58- The youth was thunderstruck at this command, but he only bowed, and went off at once to the stable.

59- The third day came, and the youth asked leave to play on his flute.

60- Weeping, the blind youth felt his way to the giant’s house, and told him all the story.

61- Then the man vanished, and the youth awoke.

62- ‘What sort of animals are these?’ asked the youth of one of the ladies sitting near him.

63- In a moment he saw them, far away, driving the biggest ox the youth had ever seen.

64- And up at the palace preparations were made for a grand wedding, and the youth was married to the princess.

65- The youth made no answer to this.

66- Bleeding copiously, the youth fell to the deck in a stunned condition.

67- Quickly I thrust the youth from the eyepiece, and, as calmly as I could, said: « I thought I heard propellers.

68- Their youth made Uguccione and Brigata,

69- In order to conduct their youth to honour.

70- The youth visited her cottage the next day.

71- Yes, while the youth and beauty of the Quarter revel, suggested Rowden; then, with sudden misgiving; « Is Odette there? »

72- We sat by our lone fireside—the old-hearted youth and his antiquated wife.

73- Aye, full of youth and with an adventurous and yet half-fearful heart.

74- I sense it as in my youth I sensed the tiger hidden in the tall grass.

75- The orderly was a youth of about twenty-two, of medium height, and well built.

76- But the officer seemed to be going irritably insane, and the youth was deeply frightened.

77- In a week’s time the youth had got back his old well-being.

78- The youth stood before him, with pathetic young moustache, and fine eyebrows very distinct on his forehead of dark marble.

79- The youth moved a pace sideways.

80- The youth followed it with his eyes.

81- In the meantime the youth had taken the ox and gone off with it.

82- In the meantime the youth went away with the third ox.

83- The man did tell him, and the youth thought it would be easy enough to do it.

84- So the youth did this— he killed all the twelve foals, and then went back again.

85- So the youth did it— he killed all the little foals, and then went home again.

86- So the youth did this, and no one said him nay.

87- The youth went down to the stable again, and very sad and sorrowful he was, as anyone may well imagine.

88- The youth did it.

89- They bit, and they fought with their fore legs and their hind legs, and sometimes the youth looked at them.

90- But the youth went down into the stable and asked Dapplegrim what she had done with herself.

91- The youth snatched up his gun and ran to the lake.

92- ‘Madness in youth is true wisdom.

93- But then all that the youth had foretold came to pass.

94- ‘Open the door!’ cried the King, but the youth did not hear.

95- So the youth sprang to the door and unlocked it, but in his haste he forgot to hide the picture.

96- The youth promised to make all the haste he could, and set forth from the King’s palace.

97- When evening was drawing near, the youth wanted to go.

98- When the youth reached home again, anyone can imagine what a state of mind he was in.

99- The youth moved in the best society, had, so far as was known, no enemies, and no particular vices.

100- When the youth had been dispatched with the note, Sherlock Holmes gave his instructions to the servants.

101- He was evidently, for all of his youth and inexperience, cock of the forecastle.

102- He had traded his first youth for strength and carved success out of despair.

103- As for the Innsmouth people – the youth hardly knew what to make of them.

104- Other specimens the youth had not seen, though many were rumoured to exist around Innsmouth.

105- When the youth was taken to the emperor’s bedroom, he was asked why he had come and not his master.

106- The old fellow seized the youth by the arm, and said roughly, ‘Follow me!’

107- And the youth answered, ‘The dates have all been eaten by some bird: there is not one left.

108- The youth went to the tree, and lay down and slept.

109- You may imagine how delighted the youth was.

110- In high spirits the youth carried it off to his mother.

111- ‘What is troubling you so much?’ she asked him, and then the youth told her everything.

112- Having done this, the witches disappeared, and the youth with his lovely bride drove to his mother’s home.

113- His grey hair being slightly ruffled, he had a debonair look, as of a youth who is in love.

114- The youth looked inscrutably out of the window.

115- There was an interview, and Whittle tried to frighten the youth into withdrawal—but without avail.

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