Phrase avec le mot yourself | Mot yourself dans une phrase

1- « Call yourself a realist! You’re squeamish.

2- Sit down, dear; you are too unselfish; you don’t assert yourself enough.

3- Aren’t you goin’ to wash yourself first?

4- Proclaim yourself in your true identity! Show them their beloved ex-queen—and cut off her head in the public square! »

5- « Do you deem yourself chief already? »

6- Well it sounds like you’ve gotten yourself into quite a pile of poo, haven’t you, my girl?”

7- You pull yourself free from the clay, up and out of your corpse.

8- ‘Hush! you know not who may be listening; you are putting yourself in his power.

9- You needn’t do yourself harm.

10- But make yourself clean, she said.

11- The kitchen was spick and span: the cook said you could see yourself in the big copper boilers.

12- How did you get yourself into this mess? asked Mr.

13- I am afraid you didn’t enjoy yourself at all, said Mary Jane hopelessly.

14- Then forget yourself, my husband, said a gentle voice above him; « forget yourself in the idea of another! »

15- « It is stupid nonsense to allow yourself to shoot out in this way; we are not here to support you.

16- Will you go with me? You can sit on my back, and fasten yourself on with your sash.

17- See for yourself in the passport, he replied.

18- Keep it to yourself then, she replied.

19- « You can see the edge of it if you raise yourself a little.

20- You may read about it yourself yonder, on a monument in the garden.

21- On three sides you find yourself surrounded by cloistered walks.

22- You must try and reconcile yourself to this.

23- But pray make yourself at home; it is easy to make one’s self comfortable.

24- Done! repeated the Portuguese duck, « your mode of expressing yourself is not very polite.

25- « Now let yourself be carried by the waves within and around you.

26- You know yourself that it is beautiful, and it pleases me.

27- Make yourself quite easy, said the learned man; « I will tell no one who you really are.

28- « You have no reason to give yourself such airs.

29- You certainly know how to speak for yourself very well, said the ball; « but I cannot accept your proposal.

30- « Now make yourself at home, and if you can find an eel’s head, you can bring it to me.

31- She let his hand fall, and said, earnestly and mournfully, « Knud, do not make yourself and me unhappy.

32- You’ll know the proper deportment, and then you can show yourself in the very pick of society.

33- « Pull yourself together! Who’s there? »

34- ‘And do you, pray, make yourself at home.

35- Why don’t you find yourself some nice little American girl? his father had said.

36- ‘Listen, Roger, you’ll kill yourself with work.

37- ‘You only consider yourself in the matter.

38- The blarney to put yourself over, and the ability to back it up.

39- Then you ought to be ashamed of yourself to say so.

40- Your features and especially your eyes.
Perhaps you cannot yourself recall how your reverie commenced?

41- Holmes, is how on earth you got yourself mixed up in the matter.

42- But some of these days you’ll go too far, and you’ll find yourself and your friend in trouble.

43- You’ll only get yourself hurt, said the inspector.

44- « I take it that you have no theory yourself which can in any way account for them? »

45- Just study yourself as you live from day to day, my dear Last.

46- Let yourself be hypnotized.

47- It is to yourself I gave my love, she replied.

48- Then Tarras-Briukhan said: « Ivan, from your clothes there comes a bad smell; go and eat by yourself in the porch.

49- But you yourself (replied I) but a few minutes ago allowed him to be very plain.

50- To defend yourself is your right, said Pavel.

51- And you got offended, and began to study by yourself in secret.

52- Well, do you admire yourself for having tortured her?

53- Pull yourself together, Andriusha.

54- You yourself said a man mustn’t boast of his misfortune, observed Yefim with a frown.

55- Please, signor, make yourself at home, he said with a nod.

56- What do you mean by such negligence? You yourself say it’s easier for you to breathe after a dose.

57- You’re not like yourself to-day, Sasha.

58- You, knowing yourself within, must put your own estimate on yourself—your price, not for your enemies, but for your friends.

59- You involuntarily turn a beast yourself in this beastly life!

60- I’ll set you up with some tea soon.
You wash yourself while I get the samovar ready.

61- Why don’t you let yourself love me? she asked, pleading, but a touch of mockery in her voice.

62- Carefully saved yourself from giving all to me, for fear you might lose something.

63- « Why are you imprisoning yourself in a sealed laboratory which you won’t leave as long as you work here.

64- « You’ve made yourself indispensable.

65- You can see for yourself that it is nothing else.

66- That is what I think.
I believe that wherever danger confronts you you will make yourself conspicuous.

67- Hear? You couldn’t hear yourself think.

68- I will trouble you not to trouble yourself to explain anything for me, said the Paladin, loftily.

69- In refusing to swear, you place yourself under suspicion!

70- Did you not cause paintings and images of yourself to be made?

71- In passing through the country did you confess yourself in the Churches and receive the sacrament?

72- But did you base your hopes of victory in yourself or in your Standard?

73- Give yourself no uneasiness, my lord; we shall soon have her again.

74- Besides, it’s as well to have a fighting-man like yourself on board.

75- « Now, spill it, Stevens, unless you want to get yourself into pretty bad trouble.

76- It is always an error to shut yourself up in an office and envelop yourself in an atmosphere of mystery.

77- Keytown Prison is the worst boob in England; and if you ever find yourself there, do something to get out.

78- Maybe you’ll see yourself go now, Jenkins, said he « You can take your two-seater and run anywhere you like.

79- « You’ll be sorry for yourself before you’re out of here.

80- ‘Do you call yourself a man?’ she said, more in contemptuous reproach than in anger.

81- ‘I wonder what sort of a fellow you take yourself to be!’ She was really perplexed as well as angry.

82- « If you would only put yourself into my hands! »

83- How do you find yourself now? inquired Fisher, in bad French.

84- « This is a pleasantry, Clara, » he said; « a practical jest, designed by yourself and Mr.

85- « Conduct yourself as befits a venerable and respectable ghost from the last century.

86- Mr.
Jordan, said I, « do you never find yourself imposed on? »

87- How are you enjoying yourself nowadays? »

88- Make yourself perfectly at home, replied Tithami, politely.

89- How the trust has been administered, you will see for yourself in a few minutes.

90- Don’t you now sometimes laugh at yourself when you recollect it?’

91- You heard him yourself ask to see it.

92- Yet also there was a sort of meanness about him: a suffisance! A keep-yourself-for-yourself, and don’t give yourself away.

93- But you can’t cut yourself off altogether, said Lou.

94- You’ll feel yourself again, once you are away.

95- Else you found yourself in a railway station and a centre of civilisation in five minutes.

96- You were laughing so hard you had to prop yourself up with your stick.

97- If you look down you may find that you yourself are casting light into the dark car.

98- But if you are determined to make yourself into nothing at all, then I can’t stop you.

99- « Don’t worry yourself on my account.

100- Don’t put yourself to any trouble on my account.

101- The learned man, smiling, replied, « I think you are making a mistake when you put yourself in a rage.

102- You have compromised yourself seriously.

103- You must yourself have remarked how worn, wrinkled, and stained they were.

104- Never let yourself doubt upon that point.

105- Except yourself I have none, he answered.

106- Stop it! I cried; « pull yourself together! » and I poured out some water from a caraffe.

107- « Pray, lie down there and make yourself absolutely at home.

108- I did not say a probable one.
But you do not yourself look upon this as likely?

109- You were not yourself at fault at all, then?

110- You heard nothing yourself last night?

111- Then, as to sitting here or there, or amusing yourself in any manner indicated, that need cause you no inconvenience.

112- Ah, I have no data.
I cannot tell.
Perhaps you have yourself formed some opinion?

113- You may seat yourself on my back, and then I will carry you to him.

114- “Do not give yourself any further trouble, Princess,” answered the Dwarf.

115- Only do not let yourself be deceived by appearances.

116- “It will be owing to yourself only, my Lord Marquis, if you are not my son-in-law.

117- What made you dress yourself all in white?

118- You have made yourself like the lion by your anger, and like the wolf by your greediness.

119- But beforehand, I desire you to forgive me, and consider that you yourself have reduced me to this extremity.

120- You can employ yourself in embroidering your wedding gown.

121- Yes, Holmes answered, « you need not pain yourself by entering into that part of the story.

122- interest yourself in the matter.

123- I tell you, Maud, not to mix yourself up in the matter, cried her father angrily.

124- You’ll get results, Inspector, by always putting yourself in the other fellow’s place, and thinking what you would do yourself.

125- That wouldn’t do, sir.
You might chance to find yourself in the lake before you were through.

126- How? Why, you gave yourself away!

127- Dress yourself … quickly, she commanded, retiring to the window.

128- You, mademoiselle, to defend yourself against an attack.

129- Come, said Lupin, laughing, « pull yourself together.

130- You will end by making yourself ill, father.
Forget this silly business.

131- ‘I will tell you,’ answered the prince, ‘if you will divide yourself so that I may walk through.

132- You yourself asked me my trade.

133- ‘Oh, you must not vex yourself about that, for I can help you,’ replied the bird.

134- Quick! throw yourself on the bed and pretend that you are dead.

135- ‘Change yourself into a bird and snap off the beans,’ said the bones.

136- ‘Change yourself into any shape you like,’ said he, ‘and I will undertake to know you.

137- Come! Pull yourself together, commanded the nurse.

138- Lock yourself in, girl.

139- « You — Ganelon? It has been a long time since you humbled yourself to anyone.

140- Then he looked up, grinned at his wife, and said: « Pour yourself a cup, honey.

141- You’ve shown yourself to be a good farmer, Anketam, Chief Samas said in a low voice.

142- “You know yourself as we live in difficult time .

143- You know yourself you are an intelligent man and, what is more, you are a gentleman.

144- You’ve scratched yourself without knowing it, he said presently.

145- Then you have yourself felt something of this fear, I interrupted; « for you said just now— »

146- « Defer to the judgment of an older man and make yourself comfortable for the night.

147- I hear you say to yourself with a smile— »So, after all… ! »

148- Surround yourself with Authority.

149- You know yourself he’s been in an asylum— »

150- They may all fall in the Beaux Arts; you said yourself that two struck the Quai d’Orsay—

151- You call yourself an American! he sneered; « Berlin and hell are full of that kind of American.

152- Don’t you think yourself clever trying to bite off that leg.

153- Then to me, ‘Where were you just before you found yourself here, Henri?’ he asked.

154- And you will devote yourself to that?

155- The purchase will be completed in a week, and meanwhile you will remain in Birmingham and make yourself useful.

156- Take yourself away in a week, and give what reason you like for going.

157- ‘A week, » I repeated, « and you may consider yourself to have been very leniently dealt with.

158- Your features, and especially your eyes.
Perhaps you cannot yourself recall how your reverie commenced?

159- « I perceive that you are not yourself a member of the family.

160- Do not allow yourself to indulge in false hopes, Mr.

161- You shall see for yourself tomorrow.

162- My friend, said Dupin, in a kind tone, « you are alarming yourself unnecessarily—you are indeed.

163- I believe, Mr.
Inglethorp, that you yourself poured out the coffee, and took it to your wife that evening?

164- But you yourself suggested that possibility to Mr.

165- Bauerstein had it tested, and you yourself laughed at the possibility of there being strychnine in it.

166- As you love me, do not let yourself be recognized.

167- You will try to kill yourself again.

168- That, said he with another of his wheezy chuckles, « you may see for yourself subsequently.

169- Good, grunted the king, « but kiss Numa’s dancing-girls for yourself only, lest you involve the states! »

170- ‘Hello!’ he said to his nephew, ‘making yourself at home?’

171- Well, it wasn’t for nothing that you gave yourself so much trouble.

172- ‘Oh no, you must not do that,’ said his wife; ‘you yourself arranged that he was to come here.

173- So now go and make yourself fit to be seen, as I am going to take you to visit her.

174- ‘And as soon as you get tired of being here you will take yourself off too,’ said he.

175- Make yourself quite small, get into my throat— go into my gizzard and I will carry you.

176- Make yourself quite small, get into my throat— go into my gizzard and I will carry you.

177- Make yourself quite small, get into my throat— go into my gizzard and I will carry you.

178- Make yourself quite small, go into my throat— get into my gizzard and I will carry you.

179- ‘Rope, O rope!’ cried the voice again, ‘twine yourself round his neck and strangle him.

180- Can you hide yourself here in the cupboard? and then we will see what happens.

181- ‘Now he says that you are to make haste and throw yourself overboard,’ answered the step-mother.

182- « I did not anticipate that you would yourself make use of this empty house and this convenient front window.

183- Now, Watson, confess yourself utterly taken aback, said he.

184- You need not concern yourself about that, said Holmes.

185- I see.
You have no explanation yourself of the tragedy?

186- « May I ask in the meanwhile whether you have yourself any theory to account for this young man’s disappearance? »

187- In that, doctor, you will find yourself in agreement with every criminal in the country, said my friend, quietly.

188- It’s lucky for you, my man, that nothing is missing, or you would find yourself in Queer Street.

189- You have not forgotten yourself in the cause.

190- Meanwhile you can get your Concession and amuse yourself by reading it, and seeing that everything is en règle.

191- As you suggested yourself a few moments ago, I did not come here without making my preparations.

192- Aye, do! rejoined Blakeney, with a long sigh of satisfaction, « withdraw yourself over there.

193- There, there, dear, don’t distress yourself on my account.
Percy is very good …

194- What immortal end did you serve? or did they? Consider yourself and me.

195- « If the situation is unpleasing, you compromise with your conscience when you make yourself a party to it.

196- « I hope it will not be too dreadful a hardship for you to make yourself a dress or two.

197- Consider yourself on salary during the time you remain with us.

198- Tell me, why have you always buried yourself in California? she next asked.

199- Will you trust yourself to me for a journey of six hundred miles or so? I asked.

200- You little thought when you trusted yourself to me that I had had no experience whatever with small boats.

201- « That was what you wanted to go out by yourself for this morning.

202- Upon my word you preach very eloquently against wealth? I said— »You yourself are unusually rich,—are you sorry for it? »

203- I should not, he resumed— »propose your putting yourself to the trouble of getting into Parliament.

204- You see, to convince people at all, you must first yourself be convinced.

205- But I wish you would not analyze yourself so pitilessly,—you have such strange ideas »

206- Throw yourself on that bed and close your eyes, he continued in somewhat peremptory accents.

207- Glad to see you out on deck! Almost yourself again, eh?

208- « You admit yourself that education in America is superficial and full of silly fads.

209- If I am a sane man you be able to fill in the blanks for yourself from your own knowledge.

210- ‘Do not worry yourself with useless wondering.

211- Get yourself ready for battle, for here is the Welwa!’

212- ‘You have borne yourself bravely,’ went on the goddess, tapping him on the shoulder.

213- ‘Take one of my scales,’ said the fish, ‘and when you find yourself in danger, throw it in the fire.

214- Go in and hide yourself close to a tank, where three doves will come to bathe.

215- ‘I wonder you are not tired of living by yourself in this lonely place.

216- ‘Come with us, and you shall make yourself another flute.

217- Tell me something about yourself and the country you came from, said the Scarecrow, when she had finished her dinner.

218- Make yourself perfectly at home, said the green girl, « and if you wish for anything ring the bell.

219- Really, said the Scarecrow, « you ought to be ashamed of yourself for being such a humbug.

220- Maybe you can drink yourself into it, suggested Brancusi.

221- If you give money, spend yourself with it, and do not merely abandon it to them.

222- Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends.

223- You owe it to yourself to keep company with only the best—me, for instance.

224- Why bother yourself about me and Tolstoy? »

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