Phrase avec le mot yours | Mot yours dans une phrase

1- I mean, that my heart unto yours is knit

2- And yours of Helena to me bequeath,

3- I shall never be able to talk to your friends, or behave as a wife of yours should.

4- « Never a twin sister whose flesh was as soft as yours to caress or hurt? »

5- « A little more of a turn and that super brain of yours would be garbage.

6- ‘I love you well as a cousin, but wife of yours I can never be.

7- ‘I cannot do it; I never did you or yours any wrong.

8- These boys of yours are very lively, said the prince.

9- ‘And it’s yours as much as anybody else’s?’ she said.

10- ‘You’ve been having yours ears warmed, they tell me,’ said Mrs.

11- ‘I see yours is not a long story.

12- They just don’t understand.
My race is very different from yours and it seems strange.

13- « My people seem strange to yours because we can do things your people do not understand.

14- Adeiu my dear Charlotte; Matilda unites in best wishes to you, and Eloisa, with yours ever

15- I am my dearest Musgrove most truly and faithfully yours for ever and ever

16- Maria joins me in every dutiful and affectionate wish, and I am yours sincerely.

17- « I think yours is an excellent suggestion.

18- That old fire-escape of yours still working? asked Craig sardonically.

19- « He’s a pal of yours too, is he? »

20- « Abjure your gross materialism and Blanche is yours with all my heart.

21- « It was the inevitable termination of such a career as yours had been.

22- Fullerton, « here is an old friend of yours from Scotland.

23- I will place Abscissa’s hand in yours whenever you shall come before me and square the circle to my satisfaction.

24- He shall place Abscissa’s digits in yours and bless you both with an algebraic formula.

25- Everything I have is yours now.

26- You could name yours Louise after me and I could name mine Louise after you.

27- If you will send yours to a publisher—any publisher—he will certainly examine it, I can assure you of that.

28- That bottle of yours would do.

29- « In my profession all sorts of odd knowledge comes useful, and this room of yours is a storehouse of it.

30- This other gentleman of yours let us know the news, explained the father.

31- How’s that sister o’ yours getting on? he asked, as if he were talking to the flour scoop.

32- She bent over the sleeper and said: ‘My heart’s love, I am yours and you are mine.

33- How old did you say that boy of yours was? demanded the clerk curiously.

34- Nothing a nature like yours feels strongly is nonsense, Frances, I replied soothingly.

35- But yours have not acquired that art aright.

36- Before those hooks of yours lay hold of me,

37- What ye will do, and what ye will not do, is not yours to say.

38- Poirot! These witnesses of yours are all right, I suppose? »

39- Tut, tut! A ghost asking for a footstool! Then this ghost of yours is a woman?

40- ‘What a hard lot yours must have been to make you hang yourself!’ said he.

41- She does not realise yet what it means to stand an examination such as yours will be.

42- It is yours to command, Madame.

43- « But you’ll ‘ave to make them do till I dry yours out by the fire.

44- You can have yours after.

45- ‘Where did you come from? I’ve seen faces like yours before, though I can’t remember just where.

46- That is because yours is a noble nature—I said— »You are an exception to the rule.

47- But a work like yours requires fostering with favour,—wants ‘booming’ in short »

48- Put that abominable ‘sprite’ of yours away, will you? I hate to see you with it!

49- Love, Mavis Clare !—lover’s love, devoted love, blindly passionate,—this has not been yours as yet to win.

50- Such dumb, impressive eloquence as yours deserves attention ! »

51- ‘Oh, mistress, my life will not be lost, nor yours either; open, I pray you.

52- Where is this great spider of yours now? asked the Lion.

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