Phrase avec le mot your | Mot your dans une phrase

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2- What’s your idea of what life looks like? said the orderly.

3- A lot would depend on what your business was, he said.

4- See any faceless body here you’d like me to stick your head on? We’ve got a few choice ones left.

5- They just phoned me that your triplets have been born, said Dr.

6- « Your city thanks you; your country thanks you; your planet thanks you.

7- Madness.
Keep to your regulations.
Close at four o’clock.
Delay is everything.

8- I think Cathy has a daughter about your age, and a boy about sixteen.

9- Here’s your ball.

10- Well, come if you change your mind.

11- « This is a conservative city, and your father being in this trouble— »

12- You’ll have to get it out of your head that you’re doing anything wrong.

13- Probably you’ll have to hurt either your family or hurt me.

14- You can’t bring that woman into this house to meet your mother.
Bad blood is bad blood.

15- That’s the drawback of being the biggest man in your settlement.

16- So it’s your gold, hey? I said.

17- I dunno what you wanted with Ashley when you ast Jim about him, but he ain’t your friend.

18- Waking, I cry « Oh, is this your buried treasure? The light in the heart.

19- Be it so she; will not here before your grace

20- To you your father should be as a god;

21- One that composed your beauties, yea, and one

22- But in this kind, wanting your father’s voice,

23- Rather your eyes must with his judgment look.

24- I do entreat your grace to pardon me.

25- But I beseech your grace that I may know

26- Therefore, fair Hermia, question your desires;

27- Know of your youth, examine well your blood,

28- Whether, if you yield not to your father’s choice,

29- To live a barren sister all your life,

30- For disobedience to your father’s will,

31- To fit your fancies to your father’s will;

32- How now, my love! why is your cheek so pale?

33- Demetrius loves your fair: O happy fair!

34- Your eyes are lode-stars; and your tongue’s sweet air

35- My ear should catch your voice, my eye your eye,

36- My tongue should catch your tongue’s sweet melody.

37- O that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill!

38- None, but your beauty: would that fault were mine!

39- I will discharge it in either your straw-colour

40- beard, your orange-tawny beard, your purple-in-grain

41- beard, or your French-crown-colour beard, your

42- Some of your French crowns have no hair at all, and

43- are your parts: and I am to entreat you, request

44- Either I mistake your shape and making quite,

45- Your buskin’d mistress and your warrior love,

46- Set your heart at rest:

47- If not, shun me, and I will spare your haunts.

48- Is true as steel: leave you your power to draw,

49- I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius,

50- Use me but as your spaniel, spurn me, strike me,

51- What worser place can I beg in your love,—

52- Than to be used as you use your dog?

53- You do impeach your modesty too much,

54- With the rich worth of your virginity.

55- It is not night when I do see your face,

56- Fear not, my lord, your servant shall do so.

57- Then to your offices and let me rest.

58- Then by your side no bed-room me deny;

59- What though he love your Hermia? Lord, what though?

60- And leads me to your eyes, where I o’erlook

61- When at your hands did I deserve this scorn?

62- And, all my powers, address your love and might

63- wild-fowl than your lion living; and we ought to

64- every mother’s son, and rehearse your parts.

65- part at once, cues and all Pyramus enter: your cue

66- What do you see? you see an asshead of your own, do

67- I cry your worship’s mercy, heartily: I beseech your

68- mother, and to Master Peascod, your father.

69- Good Master Mustardseed, I know your patience well:

70- devoured many a gentleman of your house: I promise

71- you your kindred had made my eyes water ere now.

72- desire your more acquaintance, good Master

73- Lay breath so bitter on your bitter foe.

74- Pierced through the heart with your stern cruelty:

75- You spend your passion on a misprised mood:

76- You do advance your cunning more and more.

77- To set against me for your merriment:

78- When I am sure you hate me with your hearts.

79- With your derision! none of noble sort

80- To join with men in scorning your poor friend?

81- I am amazed at your passionate words.

82- And made your other love, Demetrius,

83- Deny your love, so rich within his soul,

84- But by your setting on, by your consent?

85- I would I had your bond, for I perceive

86- A weak bond holds you: I’ll not trust your word.

87- Did ever keep your counsels, never wrong’d you;

88- I told him of your stealth unto this wood.

89- In her behalf that scorns your services.

90- Nor longer stay in your curst company.

91- To your eye,

92- In your waking shall be shown:

93- weapons in your hand, and kill me a red-hipped

94- Give me your neaf, Mounsieur Mustardseed.

95- leave your courtesy, good mounsieur.

96- What’s your Will?

97- Truly, a peck of provender: I could munch your good

98- But, I pray you, let none of your people stir me: I

99- There lies your love.

100- You of your wife and me of my consent,

101- Of my consent that she should be your wife.

102- Egeus, I will overbear your will;

103- Get your apparel together,

104- good strings to your beards, new ribbons to your

105- Accompany your hearts!

106- Wait in your royal walks, your board, your bed!

107- Make choice of which your highness will see first.

108- With this same play, against your nuptial.

109- Go, bring them in: and take your places, ladies.

110- So please your grace, the Prologue is address’d.

111- All for your delight

112- I kiss the wall’s hole, not your lips at all.

113- It must be your imagination then, and not theirs.

114- No epilogue, I pray you; for your play needs no

115- But come, your Bergomask: let your

116- First, rehearse your song by rote

117- Give me your hands, if we be friends,

118- And if you join up with me, it will be at your feet too.

119- « Keep your eyes on the plane, » he commanded.

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122- « Now let me outline your duties, Marsden.

123- Yet there was nothing you could put your hand on.

124- Mind your own business, Marsden—and I’ll mind mine, Chase snapped.

125- How’d you lose your ammo? Jettison it?

126- What’s your situation, ‘Amphitrite’? our signal asked.

127- Good, Marsden, throttle back and hang on your converters.

128- You can’t when emotion clogs your tubes.

129- Eat your dinner, dear.
This pension is a failure.
To-morrow we will make a change.

130- The first fine afternoon your ladies must go to Prato.

131- In half an hour or so your rooms will be ready, said Mr.

132- I am not of your creed, but I do believe in those who make their fellow-creatures happy.

133- « Oh, but your son wants employment.

134- She will be delighted.
She and Miss Bartlett are full of the praises of your sermon.

135- Miss Lavish has led your cousin astray.
She hopes to find the true Italy in the wet I believe.

136- « Would you add to your kindness by fetching them? »

137- Then I don’t fetch your photographs.

138- She then made her usual remark, which was « How I do wish Freddy and your mother could see this, too! »

139- « After your despair of yesterday! What a fortunate thing! »

140- And you and your friend—

141- Oh, you droll person! Pray, what would become of your drive in the hills?

142- Mr.
Eager will be offended.
It is your party.

143- We wish to converse on high topics unsuited for your ear.

144- « Oh, I do wish Freddy and your mother could be here.

145- « We want your assistance.

146- « Ask your driver which way George went.

147- Do not cry, dearest.
Take your time.

148- You see, Charlotte, your kindness—I shall never forget it.
But—as you said—it is my affair.
Mine and his.

149- « Failed to make you happy; failed in my duty to your mother.

150- But mother will understand.
It is not your fault, this trouble, and it isn’t a disaster either.

151- Let me see, Mr.
Vyse—I forget—what is your profession?

152- « I fear that Lucy’s choice does not meet with your approval.

153- Please do not put ‘Private’ outside your envelope again.

154- Let me just put your bonnet away, may I?

155- From your own account, you told her as much.

156- Because, don’t you see, Freddy paid your cab.
Give me the pound, and we shall avoid this deplorable gambling.

157- Here is your money—all shillings, except two half-crowns.

158- Would you count it? You can settle your debt nicely now.

159- Lucy, go and change your frock.

160- « I shall enjoy hearing your father talk again.

161- Oh, Lucy—I shall never forgive myself, never to my dying day.
Fancy if your prospects—

162- I shall never be able to talk to your friends, or behave as a wife of yours should.

163- Anyhow, those are my reasons for not being your wife.

164- I behaved like a cad to Beebe and to your brother.

165- I beg your pardon most humbly if my words suggested that there was.

166- Thank you very much for your gentleness.

167- Let me light your candle, shall I?

168- « Go and put on your boots.

169- Would your mother spare you again so soon? You have scarcely been home three months.

170- You mean that since you have broken off your engagement you feel—

171- I know little and care less about that; I am absolutely certain that it is to your cousin’s credit.

172- « I want your advice.

173- But I cannot see why you didn’t tell your friends about Cecil and be done with it.

174- Perhaps you would like to stay away from your home altogether?

175- I beg your pardon?

176- I am sorry I used it about your son.

177- Don’t leave your comfortable house.

178- No, it isn’t, said Lucy; « because it is the room I had, and I had your father’s room.

179- San Miniato.
I’ll just finish your sock.

180- That your cousin has always hoped.

181- Well, you can’t eat your dinner—

182- Why is your vest so black on the shoulders? she asked.

183- I’ll just go an’ finish your pudding.

184- « You may back your life Lena an’ Mrs Severn’ll be out gorping, and that clat-fartin’ Mrs Allsop.

185- « She did not die! Fool! Oh, enough of this mummery! Look—and let your sight be blasted! »

186- « Explain your presence before I call my ladies-in-waiting to summon the guard! »

187- Your guardsmen will not hear your squeals; they have been sent out of this wing of the palace.

188- « I thought you died within the hour of your birth, » she said feebly.

189- « Did he not ask your hand today? »

190- By Ishtar, Taramis, he said silkily, « I find you more alluring in your night-tunic than in your queenly robes.

191- « Oh, please lie still, darling! You will make your wounds worse.

192- Form ranks outside the barracks and march—leave your arms and armor here.

193- Remember me when the vultures are tearing at your living flesh, he called mockingly.

194- There’s only one of your breed in these parts, muttered Conan.

195- You are not so ready with your tears as formerly, sweet sister, muttered the witch-girl.

196- Did you know that Krallides, your faithful councillor, had come skulking back from Turan and been captured? »

197- Make the sign with your hands, Khumbanigash.

198- Proclaim yourself in your true identity! Show them their beloved ex-queen—and cut off her head in the public square! »

199- They took your orders, but they fought for me.

200- « It is your own true vassals come to rescue you! Yet we must hasten.

201- Here is your queen! yelled Valerius, straining to make himself understood above the clamor.

202- But you civilized men are soft; your lives are not nailed to your spines as are ours.

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204- We’re still working on your voice.

205- After all, you aren’t dead you know, just your body is gone.

206- There are a few more experiments I want to make before your brain dies.

207- « Half of the time lately you’re lost in a world of your own.

208- This will cure your rheumatism, he said.

209- Nor are the others.
But what is your errand?

210- I called to cure your young lady by means of a magical compound.

211- But, said he, « if I restore your mistress to health she must marry me.

212- And don’t forget to cancel the order for the funeral flowers and your mourning gown.

213- Call off your dog, he shouted, in terror.

214- Well, to tell the truth, said the lady, « I don’t like your looks.

215- Your majesty, we have thought of a way to restore your kingdom to its former power and magnificence.

216- Have your own way, he said, desparingly.

217- You are the king, and your word is law.

218- To begin with, your father has abused me in a most ungentlemanly manner.

219- I’ll write your name in it, said he.

220- But if you have no teeth nor claws we don’t mind your looks at all.

221- « Even though your pretty birds have all been stolen the hats themselves remain.

222- Because I find the woman considers you her property, and your loss has caused her much unhappiness, answered Popopo.

223- « But since you have caused all this trouble, it is your duty to remedy it.

224- Lift your right paw, commanded Glinkomok.

225- Swear it by the bones of your grandfather! commanded Keo, remembering that black men have no tusks to swear by.

226- « But I suppose it was because you were foolishly throwing your lasso at nothing.

227- Where are your wings? »

228- I see, you take your time, remarked the boy.

229- That is because I’m your prisoner, answered the other.

230- « When you have lived your proper time my scythe will mow you down.

231- I forgot your scythe, said Jim, thoughtfully.

232- I’m sorry, returned the beetle; « but it is your own fault.

233- Beg pardon, ma’am; but there’s a price-mark hanging on your dress behind.

234- He was too frightened.
But she’s stolen my property, your honor, and I want her arrested! declared the storekeeper.

235- « Come nearer, that I may pluck your plumage! »

236- You were never anything but a Chinaman, although I admit your life is longer than mine.

237- I will extend your life for many days, if you will obey me, declared the Chinaman.

238- Very well; since such is your command, I obey, said the butterfly.

239- « You shall have molasses for your supper, and to-morrow you must change two children into pigs.

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241- Do you think you can complete the mission on your own?”

242- What is your name?

243- “I just don’t, OK? I’m almost there, keep your panties on.

244- “Behind your ears, too! You are filthy.

245- It’s a skin condition, your father tells me, Acanthosis Nigricans—he saw it in a TV special.

246- You’re being paid cash to kill them, yes? So you need to play for your money, too.

247- > I’m very sorry you and your friend quarreled.

248- > The enemy isn’t your fellow player.

249- “Whassamatter, you fat little cow? Is your game making you cwy?” She jerked as if slapped.

250- “Someone from your game, I think,” he said.

251- “I’ve been trying to follow your diet, you know.

252- We both are, your Mum and me.

253- And I wanted to let you know that I’ll be moving your PC back into your room tomorrow.

254- “It’s the only way to get results: band together and withdraw your labour.

255- We’re your new bodyguards.

256- Give me your ax, murmured Conan softly.

257- I knew you hadn’t spent your life on this frontier.
You’ve mentioned several far places.
You’ve traveled widely?

258- —What now, Slasher, are you hunting the men who killed your master? »

259- You’ve had your chance at me before now, snorted Conan.

260- Who the devil is your brother? demanded Conan.

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262- « They’re using your code call.

263- Don’t take your hands off that wheel, Case said sharply.

264- « Head for Washington skyport and keep your foot on the floor all the way.

265- Don’t let a small success go to your head.

266- Why sacrifice your life for a lost cause? »

267- This is your last chance.

268- Change your tune, Case snarled at the instrument.

269- « If your own life means nothing, perhaps you value another more.

270- Turn on your video and you will see something of interest to you.

271- « You’d sell out your own mother.

272- Take your gloating elsewhere, Engels, a sharp voice said.

273- Don’t let your hopes run away with you, Case said.

274- I’ve got a message for your boss, Case shouted back.

275- Where is your brother? I asked, uneasily.

276- I will.
I reckon you’ll want to be gettin’ up to the house, now, and seein’ your folks.

277- « By the blood in your veins I have snared you.

278- You shall know and understand your own doom.

279- « I have enslaved your soul.

280- Long I have planned your doom, Kirby Buckner, since first I heard the white men of Canaan talking to you.

281- Before you can speak, Mitra knows the contents of your mind- began Vateesa.

282- Go forth upon the streets alone, and place your kingdom in the hands of the first man you meet there.

283- « You’re as bad as a Hyrkanian woman, with your damnable veil.

284- Here—let me look at your figure, anyway.

285- « You’re no street-waif—unless your leman robbed the king’s seraglio for your clothes.

286- Would your comrades follow you? she asked abruptly.

287- Commander? Crom! But what will your perfumed nobles say?

288- « It were well to offer Ophir more gold for your royal brother’s release.

289- Count Thespides, said Yasmela, « you have my glove under your baldric.

290- For your sake I will even put my sword at the disposal of this savage.

291- The women of the Hyborians do not fight like your Cimmerian women, Conan, he said.

292- Princess! You should be in your tent.

293- « At any rate, you’ve arranged your lines as well as a seasoned general could have done.

294- « Burganets and pikes, you dogs! Stand to your ranks! »

295- « Such madness as that was always your particular joy.

296- Back to your posts! he yelled.

297- Take your places, he directed quickly.

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299- After replacing the torn glove, he examines your insides further, this time using scissors and a metal probe.

300- The Examiner’s probe drags new things from your gut.

301- With a pair of forceps, the Examiner digs into the thick clay and pulls out your heart.

302- « What’s that? » I ask, nodding at your body.

303- He burbles once and I let him drop, bleeding into the cavity from which he’d just extracted your burning heart.

304- Snapping another quick photo, I go to the other end of the table and kiss your cold lips.

305- I slide down and bite your throat.

306- You pull yourself free from the clay, up and out of your corpse.

307- You rise up to your knees, breathe in with your new lungs and open your mouth, searching for your voice.

308- Bill O’Brien says, « Steve, you’re trainin’ the big sap to take your title away from you.

309- Dass bane your fault, for teach me to lick Olaf.

310- « If I got to batter some sense into your solid ivory skull I might as well start now! »

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313- I meant your friend, sir.
This gentleman.

314- Can I give you a hand getting this to your car? »

315- « And after that, your guest historian comes on; how much time will he be allowed? »

316- Well, let’s call the time we know, the time your watch registers, Time-A.

317- « Think he might be somebody up your alley, Colonel? »

318- ‘And your husband was Hugh Fitzgerald, of Knock-Mahon, near Kildoon, in Ireland?’

319- ‘Have you any reason to think that your daughter is dead?’

320- I ask it for your own sake — I implore.

321- Give me your reasons for distrusting my willingness to stand by what I have said with regard to Mistress Lucy.

322- But, perhaps, I can tell you enough to prevent your going on in your hopeless attachment.

323- ‘I fancy that some physician could have disabused your father of his belief in visions — — ‘

324- ‘O, woman!’ I said, ‘that best-beloved, standing accursed before men, is your dead daughter’s child.

325- ‘It is not « borne in upon me, » as you Puritans call it, that I am to be your wife.

326- ‘Tush, child! I am your guardian in my dead husband’s place.

327- ‘Lend me your muffles and mantle, Cousin Lois.

328- ‘We are come’ said Pastor Tappau, ‘to exhort you to confess your great and manifold sin.

329- ‘Yea, your sin of witchcraft.

330- ‘Witch! witch! ask mercy for thyself — I need not your prayers.

331- Settin’ a busted nose costs money, too, snapped Bill, « so shut up before I adds to your expenses.

332- « You wanta get all our throats cut? We’re your friends, don’t you understand? »

333- Well, boys, your part’s did.

334- And I don’t believe this gal is your sister, neither.

335- Go an’ get your dinner, she said.

336- Miss Louisa’s very good—and she’ll have got your dinner ready, so you’d better go and eat it.

337- Your mother said you would want your back washing, she said.

338- They’ll see your blouse is dirty, he said.

339- This young man has come on your account, Louisa? said Mr Lindley.

340- Well, if you will have your own way, you must go your own way, said the mother emphatically.

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342- Niemand, what would you say is your main job?

343- What is your opinion of these correlations?

344- In what way have your investigations differed from those of others?

345- You must have done something for your patients—

346- — Well, so your old friend is gone, you’ll be sorry to hear.

347- Now, Dillon, I advise you strongly, get at your work or…  »

348- ‘I’m afraid you may put off your bazaar for this night of Our Lord.

349- I suppose that’s your doing, said Lenehan.

350- He’d open your eye… .

351- « I didn’t know your address or I’d have done so at the time.

352- You’ll put your head in the sack, repeated Little Chandler stoutly, « like everyone else if you can find the girl.

353- Very good, you needn’t wait to see.
Go downstairs and do your work.

354- You’re not to put the weight of your body behind it.
Play fair, he said.

355- « What do you put in your gab for? »

356- Where’s your mother?

357- , respectfully solicits the favour of your vote and influence at the coming election in the Royal Exchange Ward.

358- And make me your private secretary, John.

359- ‘And how do you like your new master, Pat?’ says I to him.

360- Why, blast your soul, said Mr.

361- Why isn’t it your business? asked Mrs.

362- I leave it all in your hands, Mr.

363- 65, catch your cabbage!

364- None of your modern trumpery… .

365- Well, Mrs.
Kernan, we’re going to make your man here a good holy pious and God-fearing Roman Catholic.

366- I pity the poor priest that has to listen to your tale.

367- Thanks for your beautiful waltz, Miss Daly.

368- And why do you go to France and Belgium, said Miss Ivors, « instead of visiting your own land? »

369- And haven’t you your own language to keep in touch with — Irish? asked Miss Ivors.

370- No, I never heard your voice so good as it is tonight.

371- I never heard your voice sound so fresh and so… so clear and fresh, never.

372- To take a pick itself, said Mary Jane, « after all your dancing.

373- « For goodness’ sake go in to your suppers and don’t mind me.

374- Because, Freddy Malins explained, « now I’d be curious to hear your opinion of him.

375- Since the crisis, your countrymen do not like the Yellows.

376- If you come in, you will merely be used as a tool by your more powerful and less civilized kinsmen.

377- But why should there be any question of your coming in? »

378- Well, some of those former dominions are terribly frightened of your rising power.

379- They have large unoccupied territories; while you and your inseparable allies the Irish are over-crowded.

380- Together with Ireland, and with the support of your European dependencies, you constitute a formidable military power.

381- That is the real aim of your elder statesmen.

382- I bring a message from Rosina—from your wife! »

383- Sir! my poor master! that you had a serpent in your bosom, answered the servant with hesitation.

384- « Look into your own breast.

385- « You will know whether, and when, to make your appearance.

386- You, however, have none in your bosom, and therefore cannot sympathize with the rest of the world.

387- Only Annabel started suddenly to cry: ‘Joycey, Joycey, don’t have your leg bleeding!’

388- But he will tell us what to do to make your knee better quickly.

389- ‘Eat your pudding, Joyce,’ he said.

390- ‘You haven’t had your dinner, have you, Daddy?’

391- What’s your name?’

392- ‘Does your knee hurt you? Does it hurt you, dear?’

393- By my side you will be able to fly wherever your thoughts wish to go.

394- That is your opinion, said the apple-bough.

395- Oh, the poor people! And you saw all that with your own eyes?

396- Ah, that is some of your mythologies, said mamma-in-law.

397- Why, you must be out of your senses, cried the farrier.

398- May we ask you to step down into this rich mud, you must be fatigued after your journey.

399- « Bend your head as we do, » said the flowers.

400- Close your flowers and bend your leaves, said the old willow-tree.

401- Each little blade of grass shall be a green tree for me, each of your white petals a fragrant flower.

402- That is your opinion, is it? said the fingers, as they seized her round the body.

403- I advise you to do what you think will turn out to your happiness, said the girl.

404- « Poor child! if you go there, it will be your ruin.

405- So you went there after all, and it was your ruin, poor Mary!

406- Hallo! said Jack the Dullard, « where are you going? I declare you have put on your Sunday clothes! »

407- You don’t know how to speak—you can’t arrange your words.

408- « I have taken a mother for you, and now you may take one of your aunts.

409- Brother, let you and I go to church, as your father and Anastasia’s father once did.

410- I don’t understand your outlandish talk, he cried at last, angrily turning his back upon them.

411- « Moreover, I must add to your speech mihi secus videtur; yet in this case I would suspend my judicium.

412- The whole world makes itself agreeable to you, and then you are your own master.

413- You raise your naturally high notes so much, that you get covered over.

414- It is certainly cold in your forests, but still there is liberty there.

415- « Lend me your goloshes, » said he; « it is so wet in the garden, but the sun is shining brightly.

416- Look! said Care; « what happiness have your goloshes brought to mankind? »

417- It is very bad for your mother.

418- Tell your mother she ought to be ashamed of herself.

419- ‘He is pleased now,’ she said, ‘with your pretty face; but good looks do not last long.

420- Come, now, set one foot here and another there, and feel your way with your fore-feet.

421- Hold fast, Rudy! cried his uncle; « hold fast, with all your might.

422- Give me your hand, said the maiden; « I will help you to mount.

423- You are a daring fellow, said they; « but it is no use; you will break your neck.

424- And you will keep your word, replied Rudy.

425- But how is it you did not break your neck? asked the miller.

426- With your courage and your good fortune you might win three wives, said the miller.

427- Yes, if you will give me that beautiful ring which you wear on your finger.

428- « Read your book, Sarah, » he said to her gently.

429- Sleep sweetly, sleep sweetly, it is your three-hundred-and-sixty-fifth night.

430- Hallo! what have you got in your sack! asked the farmer.

431- Skins, skins! they cried, mocking him; « yes, we’ll mark your skin for you, till it is black and blue.

432- « Here is a glass of mead from your grandson, » said the landlord.

433- Heaven preserve us! cried the apothecary, « you are out of your mind.

434- Don’t say such things, or you will lose your head.

435- Now, drink your tea, said the mother; « perhaps you will hear a story.

436- There, now we know where you got your wet feet, said the old man.

437- I can remember things and tell stories! But let’s see if you have still got your flower.

438- You will rejoice at my happiness; for your devotion to me is great and sincere.

439- But he is blind, so you must tell him some of your prettiest stories.

440- Stay in your warm bed; I will take care of you.

441- Now we will prepare your wedding clothes.

442- Will you go with me? You can sit on my back, and fasten yourself on with your sash.

443- I hope all your beautiful dreams will come true.

444- « Do not use your beaks so much; it tries the lungs.

445- Think first of yourself, and then of your family; all others are nothing to us.

446- You are far better than your conversation, said the papa stork; « I know you better than you know y

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