Phrase avec le mot young | Mot young dans une phrase

1- We don’t carry detective stories or stuff like that, said the young man in an unnecessarily loud voice.

2- Books, yes, but not that kind.
The young man turned to wait on his other customer.

3- Oblivious of the staring eyes, Alida and Helen Hannan held court for several young men from out of town.

4- We’re giving a dance, said the young man immediately.

5- « I want to speak to young Mrs.

6- « Don’t you hit that young ‘un.

7- A tall hard-looking young feller stepped out in the open, still p’inting his Winchester at me.

8- Long withering out a young man revenue.

9- Following,—her womb then rich with my young squire,—

10- But I might see young Cupid’s fiery shaft

11- Is’t not enough, is’t not enough, young man,

12- ‘A tedious brief scene of young Pyramus

13- The young man’s gaze left the girl’s face and settled intently on the robin.

14- Suddenly he noticed Helen sitting a few seats ahead with a curly-headed young man in a sportscoat.

15- The young man named George glanced at the clever lady, and then returned moodily to his plate.

16- « Why didn’t you talk, Lucy? He prefers young people, I’m sure.

17- The young man gazed down on the three ladies, who felt seated on the floor, so low were their chairs.

18- Poor young man! said Miss Bartlett, as soon as he had gone.

19- Yes, why shouldn’t you come by yourself? said the son, addressing the young lady for the first time.

20- For a young man his face was rugged, and—until the shadows fell upon it—hard.

21- Nor was she the passionate young lady, who performs so tragically on a summer’s evening with the window open.

22- With a certain amount of insight she drew her young cousin affectionately to her.

23- But Lucy seems very uncertain, and in these days young people must decide for themselves.

24- Honeychurch left her letter on the writing table and moved towards her young acquaintance.

25- I hope so, replied the young man, shifting his eyes to the ceiling.

26- I’m shockingly stupid over local affairs, said the young man languidly.

27- She has none, said the young man, with grave sincerity.

28- It has broken now, said the young man in low, vibrating tones.

29- Nor did it seem applicable to a young man who had spent a quiet winter in Rome with his mother.

30- « I oughtn’t to come with my troubles to young people.

31- He beamed at them knowingly, said, « Aha! young people, young people! » and then hastened to unlock the house.

32- Beebe felt bound to assist his young friend, and led the way out of the house and into the pine-woods.

33- When I was a young man, I always meant to write a ‘History of Coincidence.

34- But the two young men were delirious.

35- It is obvious enough for the reader to conclude, « She loves young Emerson.

36- I rather mistrust young men who slip into life gracefully.

37- Bursting in on young people! But I insist on paying for my cab up.

38- I’ll get it, said the young hostess, rising with decision.

39- Dear, one moment—we may not have this chance for a chat again.
Have you seen the young one yet?

40- « Unless the young man considers that he knows me already.

41- « It is not every young man who would be so unselfish.

42- She asked whether young Mr.

43- Losing his head entirely, the young collier raved like a madman, what with pain and fear of hospital.

44- Everything was clean and pretty in the young home.

45- You didn’t know what you was saying, said his young wife gently but coldly.

46- The young soldier’s hose and shirt were smeared with dried blood, wet with sweat and gray with dust.

47- They were young men, but hard and sinewy, with a bearing that comes only to men rendered desperate by adversity.

48- Taramis, sensing the doom intended for her, was fighting against it with all the strength of her splendid young body.

49- My fear left me, for now I recognized that this was a flock of very young creatures.

50- Sister Nell’s young man had called quite unexpectedly to take her for a long drive.

51- But of course we wouldn’t hurt a young lady under any circumstances.

52- No doctors, sir; they’ve given up my young lady, and she’s given up the doctors, continued the butler, calmly.

53- I called to cure your young lady by means of a magical compound.

54- The young lady did not hesitate an instant.

55- « My young lady has ordered the glass dog to bark whenever you call here.

56- Next he caught up a switch and struck with it a young calf that stood quietly grazing in a field.

57- They’re mostly young girls supporting their families.

58- Valannus approvingly eyed the young man’s frank countenance and strongly-knit frame.

59- But her soft young body had been hideously slashed with many knives—a mist clouded Balthus’ eyes and he swallowed chokingly.

60- Some young couple just hitting out on their own, Conan was saying as he wiped his sword unemotionally.

61- It was an old trail, partly grown with new young growth, and this growth had recently been broken down.

62- He repeated his warning, and soon the cabin disgorged its occupants—an old woman, two young women, and four children.

63- One of the young women seemed dazed, the other prone to hysteria.

64- A young fellow, and plenty frightened at sight of Case’s torn clothes and scratched and dirty face.

65- The young fellow’s hand fell away from the dash compartment.

66- The young fellow slowed down.

67- The young fellow took the side road.

68- Meanwhile, the rule of the struggling kingdom was in the white hands of young princess Yasmela, the king’s sister.

69- A young page came running from Yasmela’s pavilion, crying to Conan in a shrill, eager voice.

70- They were my poor young mistress’s own cousin, Lord Furnivall, and Mr.

71- The young Squire was carried off by his guardians, and Bridget was left alone.

72- The young Squire lived far away under the direction of his guardians.

73- He had heard that the young lady, for all as quiet as she seemed, played strange pranks at times.

74- She was some beautiful young woman whom he lured away from her protectors while he was abroad.

75- ‘It is,’ said the young man, in a slow, deep voice.

76- But it was not Nattee alone, nor young imaginative girls alone, that believed in these stories.

77- ‘Ask her where young Mr.

78- ‘I come back to ask, if perchance I may call this evening to inquire how young Mistress Hickson finds herself?’

79- He had been two days away, in company with other young men belonging to Salem.

80- Nolan was not merely unreturned, but even unperceived, by the young minister.

81- And what is that compared to a young girl’s love?’

82- For I am but a young girl, and not very brave, or very good, as some are.

83- It was that of a young girl of extreme beauty; evidently of middle rank.

84- But I was young and inexperienced, and thankful to be spared any responsibility.

85- On the way, we met a young man, a wandering journeyman from Heidelberg.

86- He was just an ordinary young man, who had been to Cambridge and taken orders.

87- His wife was a self-assured young woman, daughter of a Cambridgeshire rector.

88- What chance had they? They met no eligible young men in Aldecross.

89- The young clergyman was keenly expected.

90- But it worked and worked, and at last the young woman said:

91- The young woman ran up the steps to the public-house a few yards away.

92- Mrs Durant lay on the sofa, her face turned away, when the young woman came back.

93- The young woman went upstairs again.

94- The young woman went downstairs.

95- It puzzled and chilled the young woman.

96- When the young man had regained himself, he went indoors, and there he was almost gay.

97- Will you sit here, young man?

98- What can I do for you, young man?

99- This young man has come on your account, Louisa? said Mr Lindley.

100- Seven and six a day, replied the young man.

101- Come over here, young man, cried the mother, in her rough voice, « and let us look at you.

102- She had found it in the young gentleman’s bed – on the side next the wall.

103- The young gentleman had better be sure to wear the circifix Joe Mazurewicz had given him.

104- At the door of the stall a young lady was talking and laughing with two young gentlemen.

105- Observing me, the young lady came over and asked me did I wish to buy anything.

106- The young lady changed the position of one of the vases and went back to the two young men.

107- Once or twice the young lady glanced at me over her shoulder.

108- The party was increased by a young Englishman named Routh whom Jimmy had seen with Segouin at Cambridge.

109- The young men supped in a snug room lit by electric candle lamps.

110- The five young men had various tastes and their tongues had been loosened.

111- The five young men strolled along Stephen’s Green in a faint cloud of aromatic smoke.

112- The cabin shook with the young men’s cheering and the cards were bundled together.

113- Two young men came down the hill of Rutland Square.

114- The two young men walked up the street without speaking, the mournful music following them.

115- At the corner of Hume Street a young woman was standing.

116- He approached the young woman and, without saluting, began at once to converse with her.

117- They were walking quickly, the young woman taking quick short steps, while Corley kept beside her with his long stride.

118- All the resident young men spoke of her as The Madam.

119- Mooney’s young men paid fifteen shillings a week for board and lodgings (beer or stout at dinner excluded).

120- As Polly was very lively the intention was to give her the run of the young men.

121- Besides young men like to feel that there is a young woman not very far away.

122- Polly, of course, flirted with the young men but Mrs.

123- Polly began to grow a little strange in her manner and the young man was evidently perturbed.

124- He was a serious young man, not rakish or loud-voiced like the others.

125- The door was burst open and a young woman ran in, panting.

126- Farrington’s eyes wandered at every moment in the direction of one of the young women.

127- He was a tall, slender young man with a light brown moustache.

128- He had a big face which resembled a young ox’s face in expression, staring blue eyes and a grizzled moustache.

129- Where did the boose come from? asked the young man.

130- Duggan, was a slender young man with a scattered black moustache.

131- Kearney passed by these two young men and went to the edge of the screen to view the house.

132- Holohan limped into the dressing-room at that moment and the two young ladies asked him who was the unknown woman.

133- The first part closed with a stirring patriotic recitation delivered by a young lady who arranged amateur theatricals.

134- Bell, Miss Healy and the young lady who had to recite the patriotic piece.

135- The costable, a young man with thick immobile features, listened.

136- A young man in a cycling-suit cleared his way through the ring of bystanders.

137- The young man washed the blood from the injured man’s mouth and then called for some brandy.

138- You’re all right now? asked the young man in the cycling- suit.

139- The young man in the cycling-suit took the man by the other arm and the crowd divided.

140- The gentleman fell down the stairs, said the young man.

141- Don’t mention it, said the young man.

142- Another time, said the young man.

143- His inexplicable debts were a byword in his circle; he was a debonair young man.

144- His wife, who had been a soprano, still taught young children to play the piano at low terms.

145- That was a decent young chap, that medical fellow, he said.

146- Decent young fellow, he seemed.

147- He was a stout, tallish young man.

148- At a smaller sideboard in one corner two young men were standing, drinking hop-bitters.

149- The young men eyed him respectfully while he took a trial sip.

150- Browne, seeing that he was ignored, turned promptly to the two young men who were more appreciative.

151- A red-faced young woman, dressed in pansy, came into the room, excitedly clapping her hands and crying:

152- The two young gentlemen asked the ladies if they might have the pleasure, and Mary Jane turned to Miss Daly.

153- The latter, a young man of about forty, was of Gabriel’s size and build, with very round shoulders.

154- She was a frank-mannered talkative young lady, with a freckled face and prominent brown eyes.

155- It was a young boy I used to know, she answered, « named Michael Furey.

156- Isn’t it a terrible thing to die so young as that? »

157- A snake in his bosom! repeated the young sculptor to himself.

158- It seemed to cast a spell on the two young people.

159- An almost maenad courage seemed to possess her, as if she were a long, thin, young weapon of life.

160- He was young at that time—indeed, he is young still, although he is ten years older than he was then.

161- They felt the want of a change of air, and consequently the young couple and their mother travelled to Italy.

162- A boat, in which were a few young girls, came rowing up.

163- The boat now came close to our beetle’s ship, and the young girls fished it out of the water.

164- He was a young friend, the son of a portrait painter.

165- The young people wandered away into the green wood, and talked together.

166- Happiness and blessing to you both, said the old people-father and mother, and the young man filled the glasses again.

167- Then, as the young lads often do, he looked out for the elder girls.

168- The sisters mourned as young hearts can mourn, and were especially grieved at the sight of their parents’ sorrow.

169- The coffin was carried to the grave, and the disconsolate mother sat with her young daughters.

170- I am not a fellow, I am a young lady, said the darning-needle; but no one heard her.

171- It has come in the shape of a glorious young chestnut tree, with delicate leaves newly opened.

172- On the place where it stood, the young chestnut tree is to be planted, and to flourish.

173- Yes, replied the Princess, « my father is going to roast young pullets today.

174- Yes, because I’m roasting young pullets, replied the Princess.

175- He flew thither; but « hush! » two people were in the arbor,—a handsome young man and a beautiful lady.

176- Rejoice in thy youth, said the sunbeam; « rejoice in thy fresh growth, and the young life that is in thee.

177- « Help! help! » exclaimed the young ladies, but there was no danger, for they quickly extinguished the fire.

178- Anastasia blushed like a young rose, and my mother kissed Aphtanides.

179- There could not be a quieter or more steady young man than this clerk.

180- I was a young wild girl then, but honest; that I can declare in the sight of Heaven.

181- At her side sits a young man, tall and strong; he gives her a rose and she smiles.

182- The young snail pair now ruled in the forest, and had a numerous progeny.

183- They soon gathered some, cracked them, and ate the fine young kernels, which were only just ripe.

184- Ib looked at the little girl, and thought of Christina in her young days.

185- Although so young and such a little fellow, Rudy had travelled a great deal.

186- The young woman, with the child in her arms, slipped upon it, sank in, and disappeared.

187-  » Neither did anxious mothers say so; for he bowed to them as pleasantly as to the young girls.

188- He was now a handsome young man of twenty years.

189- Who may that young stranger be? was the inquiry on all sides.

190- ‘Do not weep, Babette; I shall bring the young eagle.

191- « I want to carry off the young eaglet from the top of the rock.

192- We will take young Ragli with us.

193- The young eaglet! cried the miller.

194- But you have not won Babette yet, said the miller, slapping the young Alpine hunter on the shoulder playfully.

195- « Rudy has brought us the young eagle, and he is to take Babette in exchange.

196- When Rudy went a few days after to pay a visit to the mill, he found the young Englishman there.

197- Such a catastrophe nearly happened to the young Englishman.

198- Suddenly he observed in the doorway of a hut newly built under the rock, a young maiden.

199- The blue violets represent little naval cadets, and dance with hyacinths and crocuses which they call young ladies.

200- Then bells sounded in the large white building, and a number of young girls came into the garden.

201- She did not wait long before she saw a young girl approach the spot where he lay.

202- Here she would sit and watch the young prince, who thought himself quite alone in the bright moonlight.

203- Within there were songs and dancing; King Waldemar and the young gayly-dressed ladies of the court were dancing together.

204- Now comes the young lady, said those in the carriage; and out stepped a young dame, delicate, proud, and pretty.

205- He was a plump young fellow, clad in summer garments and wearing a straw hat.

206- How light we are! screamed the young storks in chorus.

207- The young storks thought their eyes deceived them, everything around appeared so beautiful.

208- Among them was a young Christian priest, one of those who contemned the gods of the north.

209- It was Helga again, young and beautiful, but with a wicked demoniac spirit.

210- He held now a beautiful young woman in his arms, and he was horrified at the sight.

211- I and the young ones will have an eye upon you.

212- And what will the young ones say to it, I wonder? said stork-mamma.

213- But the riding-whip said he never cracked for old people, only for the young who were not yet married.

214- ‘ We must be lenient towards the young man.

215- A negro leads a young lion which he has brought, by a string.

216- At the foot of the altar sat a living being, a young priest.

217- Are those the duck’s children swimming here? asked the young sparrows when they saw the feathers on the water.

218- I understand the song of that bird very well, said the young sparrows.

219- I’ll pluck them, piped the young sparrow, who had no feathers yet.

220- The pigeon-mothers said to their young ones: « Stand in groups, stand in groups! for that looks much better.

221- The eldest had remained an old maid and had no nest nor young ones.

222- Beautiful, said the young courtier again.

223- Behind the counter, as a rule, there were no young men.

224- What would become of this young man, and what would become of the old bell?

225- Will you really take so much trouble, young lady? said Hjalmar.

226- As a young man he had taken part in the great autumn reviews which were held in those days.

227- But everybody said it was a great piece of good fortune for the young fellow.

228- He is not altogether a stranger, our young friend George.

229- The young man came, no doubt, to return thanks for the invitation to the ball.

230- He knew how to climb, as we have already said, and eggs and fluffy-feathered young birds were brought down.

231- The young King, and his half-brother and comrade, the Lord Ulric Frederick Gyldenlowe.

232- A short time ago—the Star’s « short time ago » is called among men « centuries ago »— »my rays followed a young artist.

233- And who were these distinguished guests? Poor young man! or fortunate young man he might be called.

234- Angelo was the stronger; and, with a deep sigh of exhaustion, the young artist threw himself into a chair.

235- Two young Roman girls, who sat as models to the artists, took part in the dance and in the festivity.

236- Never yet have I felt so well, so merry! cried the young artist.

237- Not long ago, I crushed the hind legs of a young hare.

238- « Oh, pray do not do it! » said the young lady; but it was already done.

239- She blew upon us, and all the young ones died excepting us two.

240- A young girl was riding upon it, with a shining red cap on her head, and pistols in her belt.

241- But now the young man was not pleased at all.

242- Just hear what those boys are singing, said the young storks; « they say we shall be hanged and roasted.

243- The mother stork comforted her young ones, and told them not to mind.

244- But we are very much frightened, said the young storks, and they drew back their heads into the nests.

245- Shall we be hanged and roasted? asked the young storks.

246- And what next? asked the young storks.

247- Oh, o—h! cried the young storks.

248- Will the naughty boys freeze and fall in pieces? asked the young storks.

249-  » And all the four young ones were obliged to come out on the top of the roof.

250- I don’t want to fly, said one of the young storks, creeping back into the nest.

251- Shall we fly down, and pick their eyes out? asked the young storks.

252- But may we not punish those naughty boys? asked the young storks.

253- We will revenge ourselves, whispered the young storks to each other, as they again joined the exercising.

254- But the naughty boy, who began the song first, what shall we do to him? cried the young storks.

255- We are as happy as human beings can be, » said the young couple from the depths of their hearts.

256- Life is a gracious gift from God, almost too great a gift for us to appreciate! said the young wife.

257- Surely you do not doubt the existence of a future life? exclaimed the young wife.

258- The young man was sent by his Sovereign as ambassador to the Russian Court.

259- They say it is good to suffer in one’s young days, if age brings something to make up for it.

260- They were both young and healthy, well-grown and strong; but Jurgen was the cleverer of the two.

261- He sank down stunned with the blow, but the next wave lifted him and the young girl up again.

262- The young couple went on board, accompanied by the whole congregation, for there was room and enjoyment for them all.

263- « If the Stork or one of his young ones would only take me! I would oblige him in return.

264- The young men of the neighborhood were collecting branches and brushwood under the oak-trees.

265- The daughters were young and beautiful—three charming blossoms—a rose, a lily, and a white hyacinth.

266- The world grew young again to her, as she said, « It is a blessed time out here to-day.

267- The delicate young leaves filled the air with refreshing odor.

268- « My resting-time draws near; the young pair of the year will soon claim my crown and sceptre.

269- But the young Scotch lady looked round, for a long time, in an undecided way.

270- She placed the thistle-flower in the buttonhole of the young man, and he felt himself highly honored.

271- One day the young pair, now man and wife, came into the garden.

272- They went along by the paling, and the young wife looked across it.

273- And the young man had to climb across the palings again, and to break off the calyx of the thistle.

274- Believe me, it is a long time for a young maiden.

275- At last the large egg broke, and a young one crept forth crying, « Peep, peep.

276- But his master only smiled, and said, « He is a young man, my dear, you know.

277- From the wooden balconies of the houses the young lacemakers nodded as he passed.

278- The daughter of the village blacksmith, who was young and fair, stood at the well, drawing water.

279- There was once a young man who was studying to be a poet.

280- I must go to her, said the young man.

281- That is quite a romantic story, said the young man.

282- What a crowd it is! said the young man.

283- Now I do not see the smallest thing, said the young man, « and now I don’t hear anything more.

284- What one can invent! cried the young man.

285- ‘ These two have some little boys, young thoughts, that can grow.

286- You better go rest, a young man was saying.

287- You look well, bringing your young woman here with you, don’t you? I’ll let her know who she’s dealing with.

288- Then he returned and sat down by the silent young woman.

289- ‘Annie—the young one—’

290- ‘The young gentleman from next door.

291- ‘But how young you are! How old are you, may I ask?’

292- The young princess did not answer her mother.

293- ‘Where are you off to?’ the young princess asked, glancing at me from behind the hussar.

294- ‘Is that the young princess?’ he asked me.

295- ‘Write him a ticket, I tell you,’ repeated the young princess.

296- ) ‘You ought to be studying, working – while you’re young – and what are you doing?’

297- ‘It’s bad for you, very bad for you, this atmosphere, young man,’ Lushin said to me once more.

298- ‘Well, to my mind, Hugo beats Byron,’ the young count observed negligently; ‘he’s more interesting.

299- ‘A young man, no doubt,’ observed Malevsky.

300- ‘Yes, a young man,’ Meidanov chimed in in confirmation.

301- After dinner the usual party assembled again at the lodge, and the young princess came out to them.

302- The young hussar was confused.

303- This ball is given by a young queen.

304- The young count grinned, and began affably talking to me.

305- ‘Aha!’ he said, knitting his brows,’ so it’s you, young man.

306- A lesson to you, young man.

307- ‘Can you have forgotten her? – the young Princess Zasyekin whom we were all in love with, and you too.

308- « I don’t see the use of hurting a young girl’s feelings.

309- Some young people came by, heading for the trolley that went to Como Park.

310- Her features shifted, until George saw a beautiful young girl with pink white skin and red lips.

311- But young Galileo had the audacity to think for himself about the laws of nature.

312- It was somehow terrible to rob her young life of a day.

313- ‘I called up, young fellow, to say that this is wonderful work you’ve given us here.

314- He was a young man, lean, fair, and morose, with lanky hair and a shuffling gait.

315- My dear aunt’s influential acquaintances were producing an unexpected effect upon that young man.

316- ‘But when one is young one must see things, gather experience, ideas; enlarge the mind.

317- ‘I am not so young as I look.

318- The young man looked at me with surprise.

319- The young fellow by my side growled.

320- It was at his table that I met some weeks ago a young fellow named Garcia.

321- The American, a quiet, businesslike young man, with a cleanshaven, hatchet face, flushed up at the words of commendation.

322- This is where the young man’s body lay, said he, indicating a spot about three feet from the metals.

323- So also are the circumstances connected with the death of young Cadogan West.

324- Porter, who, with the aid of a young girl, looked after the wants of the family.

325- Smith advanced $100,000 to the young chemist, and engaged his services for the Earth Chronicle laboratory.

326- Looking over his guests, Conn observed that a young man was yet standing.

327- And, the king continued, « I do not seem to know the young man.

328- And he twinkled at the stern, young eyes that gazed on him as he made his submission.

329- There were many blanks in the tale, for a young child does not remember very well.

330- I had observed but not noticed, the young man admitted.

331- The young man leaped from his couch, girded on his harness, and strode out.

332- A young girl stepped from it and walked to him among black boulders and patches of yellow sand.

333- I had better go to greet my father, said the young man.

334- There were troops of young women who giggled as long as their breaths lasted and beamed when it gave out.

335- Would you like to be a lovely young girl? asked Mongan.

336- The time having arrived, the young devils met in the swamp as agreed, when each related his experience.

337- All that remains for me to do, therefore, » concluded the young devil, « is to release him to-morrow morning.

338- Simeon, on the advice of his new General, ordered all young men above a certain age to report for drill.

339- Jacob waited; so did the young man with the squashed nose.

340- Geeze! cried the girl to the young man.

341- He had always considered himself on the young side until tonight.

342- And from this time the weight of sorrow was greatly lightened for her young heart.

343- Yes, I am he, answered the unhappy young man.

344- At last they returned to the Palace bringing with them a lovely young dragon.

345- At this dreadful sight the poor young crab sat down and wept.

346- Mortar went home with the young crab to help him bury his poor father.

347- Little did he know in his so-called « monkey’s wisdom » that this seeming unconcern was part of the young crab’s plan.

348- He changed his dress and set out solemnly to visit the young crab.

349- Here the young chief mourner came to receive him.

350- When the young crab had conducted the monkey to the tearoom he left him and retired.

351- Of course, said the young crab.

352- Thus the wicked monkey met his well-merited punishment, and the young crab avenged his father’s death.

353- Now one of these young men had a bad and spiteful disposition.

354- Then all the young men passed on.

355- The young Prince bowed low before his aunt, and received her gracious gift with much pleasure and many respectful bows.

356- The sun had long set, and the young moon had risen like a silver crescent in the sky.

357- My dear young freinds

358- Lady Williams now interposed, & observed that the young Lady’s leg ought to be set without farther delay.

359- Her father consented & set out one morning to open the affair to the young Man.

360- His fellow travellers were, A man without a Hat, Another with two, An old maid, & a young Wife.

361- « These are very odd Ideas, truly, young Lady.

362- Fitzgerald who is certainly one of the most pleasing young Men, I ever beheld.

363- This unfortunate young Man was not unlike in character to that equally unfortunate one Frederic Delamere.

364- But my love why lament his perfidy, when you bore so well that of many young Men before?

365- Why upon my word said I, « I think he is a very handsome young Man.

366- Proposals were made on the young Man’s part, and proper objections on his Father’s.

367- The young Nobleman was not allowed to see his Rosa.

368- Maurice, the younger brother, was a handsome young fellow of twenty-one, careless and debonair, and full of vigour.

369- So these two young men had grown up virgin but tormented.

370- In school—in a young ladies’ school.

371- The young woman looked at Geoffrey, and he at her.

372- The young man was very much excited, almost afraid, at finding himself alone.

373- It was the young mare.

374- For all he was so young and limber, he had difficul

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