Phrase avec le mot writer | Mot writer dans une phrase

1- Gaskell, was an English novelist and short story writer during the Victorian era. 2- The writer accepted an invitation to visit me for a few days with his wife. 3- There he had a nest over the window of a house in which dwelt the writer of fairy tales. 4- After graduating college, he … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot worth | Mot worth dans une phrase

1- But for him I should be worth fifty millions. 2- But I’m afraid that it’ll separate you from everything worth while, everybody that loves you. 3- With the rich worth of your virginity. 4- « At least this year the presentation should be an event worth remembering. 5- It’s worth minding, the loss of a … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot worry | Mot worry dans une phrase

1- Don’t you worry none about me. 2- Don’t worry about me, gal, I said. 3- « I’m not going to worry you. 4- The fishing cabin on the Columbia, honey. Stay there! And don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. 5- I tried to calm him, « Don’t worry about it. 6- Don’t worry about … Lire la suite