Phrase avec le mot yesterday | Mot yesterday dans une phrase

1- Ericsson yesterday had been waiter in an unimportant restaurant. 2- The gods of yesterday become the devils of tomorrow. 3- It seems like yesterday that we drove there. 4- Emily Sinico, aged forty-three years, who was killed at Sydney Parade Station yesterday evening. 5- « I saw the three of them hard at it yesterday … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot yellow | Mot yellow dans une phrase

1- If they moved in the drawing room, the apple only turned its yellow side. 2- And sat with me on Neptune’s yellow sands, 3- Turns into yellow gold his salt green streams. 4- These yellow cowslip cheeks, 5- Honeychurch, while Freddy proffered a hand that was yellow with chemicals. 6- Her paths were already … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot year | Mot year dans une phrase

1- In the year 2000, said Dr. 2- He had become engaged in the previous year to the illustrator and transcendentalist Sophia Peabody. 3- They returned to The Wayside in 1860, and that year saw the publication of The Marble Faun. 4- He was handsome, popular and rather spoiled in a conservative way, and so … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot wrong | Mot wrong dans une phrase

1- « It gives people the wrong impression. 2- I hoped that Allyn was wrong but the evidence all seemed to be in his favor. 3-  » The words were schoolmasterish and would have been dead wrong coming from anyone except Chase. 4- All her barbed civilities came forth wrong end first. 5- Apparently she had … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot writing | Mot writing dans une phrase

1- Though writing to General Palmer, an intimate friend, Warren signs himself, most ceremoniously, « Your obedient servant. 2-  » Never was anything less mercantile than this autograph, though as legible as the writing of a bank-clerk. 3- White’s writing during and after this conflict. 4- Is it true, continued Lucy in awe-struck tone, « that Miss … Lire la suite