Phrase avec le mot multiple | Mot multiple dans une phrase

1- As Brown puts it, « the Web [is] the first medium that truly honors multiple forms of intelligence. 2- [It] can now amplify and honor these multiple forms of intelligence. 3- She had multiple calls. 4- Calibre converts between multiple e-book formats. 5- Don’t let this scare or confuse you; all of the major e-book … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot Mrs | Mot Mrs dans une phrase

1- She ran across in fear to Mrs Horsepool. 2- Kill Mrs Horsepool! cried the trembling girl. 3- « You may back your life Lena an’ Mrs Severn’ll be out gorping, and that clat-fartin’ Mrs Allsop. 4- Miss Cruickshanks and Mrs Danzig didn’t look amused, but they tried to hide it. 5- Her father had spent … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot Mr | Mot Mr dans une phrase

1- “I get loads more exercise than you, Mr Kettle. 2- Being accustomed to farm labourers, Mr Lindley had considered himself as belonging indisputably to the upper or ordering classes. 3- A wooden-legged man hobbled to open the gate, Mr Lindley passed on. 4- Oh, is it you, Mr Lin’ley! she said, in a complaining … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot movement | Mot movement dans une phrase

1- Cecil’s first movement was one of irritation. 2- Beebe moves, George moves, and movement may engender shadow. 3- Each movement of her supple body was subtly suggestive. 4- Whenever I moved, in either dimension, I experienced my movement merely as a contrary movement of the world around me. 5- I soon found that there … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot mouth | Mot mouth dans une phrase

1- Makes my mouth like sawdust to think of it. 2- Slow in pursuit, but match’d in mouth like bells, 3- Which Lion vile with bloody mouth did stain. 4- Italian in the mouth of Italians is a deep-voiced stream, with unexpected cataracts and boulders to preserve it from monotony. 5- Cecil, who naturally preferred … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot mouse | Mot mouse dans une phrase

1- The smallest monstrous mouse that creeps on floor, 2- He tried shouting but the mouse paid no attention to him. 3- While he watched helplessly, the mouse stretched out and touched a relay point. 4- The extra loud and continued blast of sound had caused the mouse to withdraw nervously from the relay. 5- … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot mountain | Mot mountain dans une phrase

1- ‘Come down, O maid, from yonder mountain height,’ he quoted, and touched her knee with his own. 2- On either hand the nomads climbed the cliffs and came to hand-grips with their mountain kin. 3- On this mountain of sand is a lofty old building—the convent of Borglum. 4- They offer for sale the … Lire la suite