Phrase avec le mot woman | Mot woman dans une phrase

1- A coarse, formidable woman strode into the waiting room on spike heels. 2- The woman had a lot of facial hair—an unmistakable mustache, in fact. 3-  » He indicated a faceless figure of a woman who was carrying dried stalks to a trash-burner. 4- « No other woman can drive like that. 5- You can’t … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot witness | Mot witness dans une phrase

1- After a few years the chief Government witness died and he came back to America. 2- I wonder at you, Prudence, seeking to witness such a sight. 3- His room still bore witness of the orderliness of his mind. 4- Then we can find no excuse for ourselves; the deed is there and bears … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot without | Mot without dans une phrase

1- Wehling, the waiting father, mumbled something without raising his head. 2- The battle of New Orleans would hardly have been won, without better aid than this problematical Colonel J. 3- The partners glanced at one another without speaking. 4- An excited individual burst without ceremony into the room. 5- He agreed with his father … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot within | Mot within dans une phrase

1- As Forrest stalked out, passing within the radius of the girl’s perfume, he heard her ask: 2- To snub anyone effectively one must have him within range. 3- « What have I failed to do for my son that lay within my power? » 4- By him imprinted and within his power 5- Take heed the … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot withdraw | Mot withdraw dans une phrase

1- All you have to do is go in and withdraw it any time you want to. 2- The extra loud and continued blast of sound had caused the mouse to withdraw nervously from the relay. 3- “It’s the only way to get results: band together and withdraw your labour. 4- Must withdraw offer unless … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot with | Mot with dans une phrase

1- The floor was paved with spattered dropcloths. 2- The painter’s face curdled with scorn. 3- The painter expressed with an obscenity his lack of concern for the tribulations of his survivors. 4- « The world could do with a good deal more mess, if you ask me, » he said. 5- He was seven feet tall, … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot wisdom | Mot wisdom dans une phrase

1- Really— he murmured gallantly, though he saw the wisdom of her remark. 2- Through years of wisdom it had become part sorcerer, part wizard, part magician and part fairy. 3- Yet the time came when this monarch of the north met man, and his wisdom failed him. 4- Drink deeply from the fountain of … Lire la suite