Phrase avec le mot nation | Mot nation dans une phrase

1- It was merely unnatural to him to hate a nation en bloc. 2- The wide sea is the highroad from nation to nation; journey in thought; then, to sunny Spain. 3- But when Armstrong and the nation were distracted by World War II, RCA’s work began to be more successful. 4- [10] That number … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot narrow | Mot narrow dans une phrase

1- Fine beads of sweat appeared on the professor’s high narrow forehead as he laid the letter down. 2- Miss Lavish looked at the narrow ribbon of sky, and murmured: « Oh, you have property in Surrey? » 3- Her long, narrow head drove backwards and forwards, as though demolishing some invisible obstacle. 4- It was narrow … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot narrative | Mot narrative dans une phrase

1- His surviving works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems. 2- When he was quite sure that the narrative had ended he laughed noiselessly for fully half a minute. 3- The narrative made Mr. 4- The simple control of narrative is lost, and so other techniques are … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot name | Mot name dans une phrase

1- , is the name of the happy father-to-be. 2- Fred Merrick White (1859-1935), a British author of many novels and short stories under the name « Fred M. 3- The record of his birth indicates that his first name was actually « Fred » — not, as is often assumed, « Frederick. 4- This was lofty! Now name … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot mystery | Mot mystery dans une phrase

1- Lust and mystery sparkled in her scintillant eyes, cruelty lurked in the curl of her full red lips. 2- She paused, smiling enigmatically, with wicked mystery gleaming in her dark eyes. 3- The forest deepened in the twilight, became a blue haunt of mystery sheltering unguessed things. 4- It was the mystery of his … Lire la suite

Phrase avec le mot mysterious | Mot mysterious dans une phrase

1- By some mysterious virtue, which mothers alone possess, she stiffened the little boy’s back-bone and imparted strength to his knees. 2- His mysterious persecution of Mr. 3- But they were conscious of a love more mysterious than this. 4- For answer Salome drew the mysterious bundle from under her cloak. 5- They were of … Lire la suite